Sowing Seeds

Well, the rains finally arrived and I took advantage of this to sow seeds of various types of vegetables that I like to eat.  I waited for a good moon and into the ground went lettuce, string beans, seim beans, bodi beans, cucumber, water melon pigeon peas, pumpkin, tomatoes, sweet peppers, ochroes, egg plant, carallie, cauliflower and more. 

It's about two months now and already I have harvested tomatoes and sweet peppers.  Soon cucumbers will be ready and I am seeing baby carallie! 

But I have been about sowing other seeds too.  Seeds of openness to a vocation in the little hearts of some grade three students from a nearby private school and seeds of love and reverence for earth in the hearts of some kids during an Eco-camp I conducted last week.  When is a good time to begin to sow these seeds?  Was it a good 'moon' for planting?  Will 'rain' fall on them and cause them to spring up to maturity and produce good fruit?  How long will it take? 

I don't have the answer to any of these questions.   All I know is, that I have to sow the seeds I want or else something else will grow in the space. God pretty much takes care of the rest.  As I looked at their eager little faces and into their bright, innocent eyes, "O God," I prayed, "may they hear your call to loving service and may they come to reverence earth, our mother and our home." 

What seeds have you been sowing?  

Gail Jagroop, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad


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