I Trust My Sisters

Today our country of Trinidad and Tobago goes to the polls to elect a new government for the next five years.  I really feel challenged because even now I don't know for whom to vote and I really would like to exercise my franchise to vote.  

Next year our congregation will also be meeting to elect a new leadership team.  Then, I would also be exercising my right to vote.  Yet my feelings in this regard are totally different.  I feel confident about our election process.  I am willing to cast my vote and have no qualms about which of our sisters will be in that pool of sisters discerning leadership.  

What's the difference?  I think it's trust. I don't know that I can trust the people who are campaigning for leadership of our country.  There is such a long history of failed promises...

On the other hand, I trust my sisters.  We share a common mission and way of life.  We are related to each other by bonds of affection, common experience, shared history, values and goals.   This makes it very easy for me to trust, that regardless of who is elected, they will put the greater good of the congregation before their personal agendas and needs.  

Today I give thanks for our sisterhood and the way it witnesses to a different way of being, one that engenders deep trust.  

In my relationships, do I engender trust? 

Gail Jagroop, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad


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