Living Life Fully

Sister Felicitas Farrell, OP, was missioned in Fairbanks, Alaska for many years. She loved Alaska and the people she met there. She knew everyone from mushers to school children to those who were going through difficult times. One of her main jobs was in the copy room at the Catholic school, grades K-12. She became known as the “Copy Lady.”

Over ten years ago she went to Wisconsin for knee replacement surgery, fully intending to return. However, she died from complications of the surgery, In Fairbanks there was shock and an outpouring of grief for this dearly beloved Copy Lady.

Just recently I was able to visit the school where she had worked for so many years. In the copy room there is a bulletin board dedicated to her. Her picture, signs of her Irish heritage and other mementos are on this board; above it is a special certificate she had received, and in the bookcase sit several of her cherished items. After these many years she has not been forgotten.

Living life fully one day at a time—Sister Felicitas had no idea how she she was touching people's lives, but that wasn't important. What was important is that she was filled with joy and the love of God, and she passed these on to others.

How are you living your life? What are you passing on to others?

Marie Lucek, OP

Juneau, AK


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