The Music in My Head

When I came back from our Community Days (annual gathering of Sisters for both the work of our life and renewal of our life together) the song in my head was the one written for the 800th Jubilee Year for the Order of Preachers.  It reminds us, as Dominicans, of our calling to praise, to bless and to preach with our lives.

As I write this blog entry there is a very different song looping over and over again in my head.  It is the 1957 song by the Silhouettes:  Get A Job.  It is the words from the refrain:  “Sha Na Na” …that are looping.  But I didn’t start with that golden oldie.

News came recently that Dennis Greene had died.  Dennis was lead singer for the group: Sha Na Na who took their name from the 1957 song.  He went back to school, got a law degree and chose a path out of the limelight. 

Music and lyrics can grab us.  We may hear a full orchestra and choir in our heads.  These two songs that I have experienced there was a sense of joy and connection that lifted my spirit.

Next time a song grabs you and you hear music in your head, listen also to your spirit.  Is the song telling you something about your life journey right now? 

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.

North Palm Beach  FL


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