“A classmate, a friend and a Sister – whom I didn’t know”

Last week Mary Therese Johnson wrote about the Dominican Convocation that brought together nearly 400 Dominican Sisters and Associates.   In that crowd I met people that I hadn’t seen for years – all from San Rafael, California!

One was my classmates, Maureen McInerny, who is now the prioress of the San Rafael Dominicans.  I met up with her at the last convocation we had three years ago. 

Another was a friend from Fresno, California, (where I lived at that time) Margaret Diener.  We were both students at Dominican College (now University) in San Rafael.

And another was a sister, whom I hadn’t known before, Sister Marie Sagues, who put me in touch with Sister Marguerite Stanka, O.P., librarian at Dominican College with whom I worked when I was a student there.

Maureen, Margaret and Marie were all there in support of Pat Farrell, O.P., a San Rafael Dominican who is the current executive director of the DSC, sponsor of the convocation.

These are the kind of connections that are not only possible, but are one of the benefits of belonging to this great Dominican Family! 

Do you have similar connections?

Ruth Poochigian, O.P.

Madison WI


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