I just got back from a regional meeting in Orlando.  Twice a year in various parts of the country, our sisters and associates gather for what we call regionals. These are times when we come together for pray, conversation, congregation business, and relaxation together.  This fall our regionals are focused on preparing for our Chapter, which is a meeting that happens every five years, where we make decisions together, set a direction for ourselves and elect new leaders.  So, while there is usually business to be done and we to do that, for me, it's connecting with my sisters and the associates that feeds my soul.

I love being part of this group, Dominican sisters and associates of Sinsinawa, whose focus is on mission.  These days there's a lot of chaos as we move into an unknown future.  We don't all agree on where and how we want to go, yet we listen to one another and work toward a decision that we all can live with.  And what I always know is that every person is committed to the mission and has good intentions.  These gatherings give me energy and hope and I leave filled with gratitude that these are my sisters with whom I share Dominican life and mission.

What gives you energy and hope?

Mary Ann Nelson, OP

Madison, WI


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