Dominicans and Anti-Racism Work

For decades, the Sinsinawa Dominicans have been engaged in becoming an anti-racist institution.  This work offers us the opportunity to daily assess our privileges and commit ourselves to deepen our awareness of how our very lives and the institutions in which we operate perpetuate those privileges. 
Recently, in a citizenship class I offer on Thursday evenings for Spanish-speakers, a guest speaker who recently passed the citizenship test came to share her experiences of taking the exam.  When asked if the class had any questions for her, several persons asked almost simultaneously, “Did you experience a lot of racism?” 

Despite all my years of working on becoming anti-racist, this question woke me up once again.  First of all, as a white woman, I would never have to think of that question.  Secondly, the lens through which I look at life, at my daily experiences, has been shaped by the color of my skin. 

I am always grateful for my ministry.  But, in this particular instance, I was especially grateful for the opportunity to renew my commitment to become anti-racist and go through life seeking unity and community with others.  As our prayer for anti-racism says, “We ask you, Loving God, to give us the grace to see through the false stereotypes and fears that separate us from our brothers and sisters.”

Peggy Ryan, OP
Casa Nona McGreal
Waukegan, IL



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