Jubilee! Sound the Trumpet! Catch the Fire!

This coming Saturday, November 7th, Dominican laity, nuns, sisters and Friars worldwide will officially begin the 800th Jubilee Year of the founding of the Order of Preachers. 
Here in Trinidad we have been preparing for this great event for some time now.   Our celebrations will officially kick off on Saturday too with Eucharist at the only monastery here on the island.  In fact most of the celebrations we have planned will take place at the monastery to facilitate the nuns' participation.   
The history of Dominicans in Trinidad is as old and as rich as the history of the Church here!  Dominicans Friars, sisters and nuns sent out on mission, built many of our churches and schools.  I have vivid memories of the excitement it generated among us as children when we would see the parish priest, fully robed, coming up the road to visit with us at home.  Those were the days! 
As I reflect on this time of jubilee and on my own place in the Dominican Family I can't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for these courageous men and women Dominicans, who catching fire from Dominic's vision left the comfort of their homelands to blaze a path for the Gospel in our corner of the world.  At the same time I ask for grace to make use of opportunities I am given to preach the Gospel of grace and mercy to those to whom I will be sent.    
Jubilee is indeed a special time.  Sound the trumpet (Jobel) and let our Jubilee begin!   
What is your memory of Dominican influence in your life?  Join us in remembering and celebrating! See here for more information. 

            Gail Jagroop, OP
            St. Joseph, Trinidad


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