God's Providence

What can simplicity mean in this complex society and multi-cultural world in which we find ourselves? The Scripture readings just talked about women who gave food and money to others when they were barely surviving themselves. Their gift was more than generous; it was an expression of their dependence on God and God’s providence. I continue to encounter women who want change in their lives and need the support to move forward and take the next step.

Here in Waukegan this means empowering women of all ages to study to become citizens; this will allow them to have so much freedom and calm in their lives. These women are throwing in the ‘cost’ of their time and energy to move forward and this takes great strength. A woman 69 years old and 12 years a legal permanent is choosing to study the 100 questions for her citizenship exam – and she knows little English.  My offer to welcome her and assist her in learning the English and civics questions is little compared to her choice to give herself to this learning initiative. As a Dominican sister I am blessed with an opportunity to be with others in their adult struggles in this multi-cultural society in the US. The Gospel message lets me know clearly the sacrifice given by impoverished women moving toward citizenship. Their cost in giving their time and energy to this study challenges me to simplicity of living so I can accompany these women and learn from them the joy of giving and receiving. Our founder St. Dominic has called us to simple living and this message lives on through these 800 years.

Am I giving enough to others and relying on God’s providence?

Kathleen Long OP

Waukegan, IL


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