The Gift of Sisterhood

As we celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Order, I find myself over and over again noticing the many reasons why I feel so fortunate to have been called to this life.  Last evening I had one of those moments of recognizing one of the graces and being filled with gratitude. 

I was having dinner with a group of six other Dominicans from five different Congregations: Dominicans of Amityville, Peace, Sinsinawa, Sparkill and Bui Chu, Vietnam.    Some I knew well while others were acquaintances.   We came together as sisters who share in the same mission and way of life.  We knew without articulating it that prayer, study, community, ministry, preaching, justice and searching for the truth are important to each one of us.   They are essentials of our lives as Dominicans.   We each had a desire to know one another better.   In hearing each one’s experience, ideas, and opinions, we stretched one another’s worldview.  Our conversation was easy and delightful with lots of laughter.   And as we ended our meal we all spoke of our gratitude for this time together. 

So, I am feeling very grateful for the grace of having 24,000 sisters from 150 congregations and in particular for the meal and stories I shared last evening with Anne, Eileen, Lien, Margaret, Mary Ellen and Vong.

Might you be called to this Dominican sisterhood?

Mary Ann Nelson, OP

Madison, WI


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