Lately, it seems to me that God has been reminding me and calling me even more intentionally to service.  The Scripture readings at liturgies, novels I’m reading, and conversations I engage in all seem to have this thread of service running through them. 

In addition to this, we are in the midst of celebrating the 800th year of the Dominican order.  As we reflect upon the lives of Dominicans who have gone before us, I notice again the role of service in their lives.  Dominic himself was led to see a need in his time to serve the people of God by preaching the Good News.  Actually, he did this by befriending people, engaging in conversation with them, listening to their needs, and telling them the Good News revealed to him. 

Our Congregation is preparing for Chapter, an event occurring every 5 years.  Our next Chapter is in early April 2016.  We will engage in significant conversations about the renewal of our life and mission – our service to the people of God.  During this time, we will also elect new leadership, calling them to serve the Congregation in a new role.  For me personally, depending upon the decisions that are made, my own role of service may go in a different direction.   

Whom are you currently serving?  Has your role of service changed over the years?
Is the Spirit leading you to service with and among us?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, IL


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