A Life Centered in God

As Dominican Women, we strive to live our lives grounded in the Word of God.  Lent becomes an opportunity for deeper reflection on our relationship with the Source of All Being.  One of our sisters, Marta Alken, OP recently wrote an article in which she highlighted four points that reflect a life centered in God:
-  we strive for relationships that are enlivened by creativity – the ability for self-reflection, for change, for giving and receiving, for solitude;
-  we have a capacity to experience a wide range of emotion – feel all of life for ourselves and others,
-  we have the ability for self-transcendence—the capacity to lay down our lives for others and work for the common good,
-  we recognize a healthy self-esteem – we understand that we are part of God’s web of life. ¹

I have used these four points as my daily reflection during Lent.  A life centered in God is a life that inspires joy, vision, imagination, detachment, dispossession, solidarity and accompaniment, plus endurance in all times.   

What about you?  What is your daily reflection for Lent?
Peggy Ryan, OP
Waukegen, IL

¹   “We Are Called to CARE” in Dominican Vision    (January 2016)  (http://www.sinsinawa.org/site_map/dvjan2016/we-are-called.html)


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