Giving Up Indifference

Many years ago I came to realize giving up chocolate for Lent was not really helpful for anyone including myself.  I began to see Lent as a time to take up a good habit, to form a new way of being, and/or to learn something useful.

At Pope Francis’ suggestion, I am giving up indifference for Lent.  And…I am trying to allow this to be a Spirit led process.

Prayerfully, I am asking more questions of myself:  How am I indifferent to needs in my life, in my congregation of Sisters, in the Church, in the neighborhood, and beyond?  What are systemic evils that I choose to ignore?  What systemic evils do I need to do more than I am doing already?  What do I need to learn so that my indifference may be healed?

Yes…healed! And will I be patient and trusting in the healing needed?

One systemic evil the Sinsinawa Dominicans have called ourselves to face is our own internalized racism - not only personally but importantly as an institution.  As a Sister steeped in white privilege, this has become important arena of needed healing, but I have also come to realize it is a life project not just something for Lent.

So consider what you may be doing with your Lent this year and are you willing to choose something that is truly life changing?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach FL


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