What Was Valentine’s Day Like For You This Year?

Remember when you made or bought a Valentine for everyone in your class?  A little older and it was only for favorites.  And then…?  What was it like this year?

For us who are neither what can it mean?  What must Valentine’s Day be like for people who are alone, or worse, in prison? 

Valentine’s Day has become inflated beyond its original intent.  It’s become associated with chocolates, flower and cards.   ‘St. Valentine was a priest in Rome who was known for assisting martyrs.  When he was arrested and refused to give up his faith he was beheaded.  Because he was willing to give his heart he was considered true to the God of Love.'

It’s easy to say that Valentine’s Day is for kids – or for lovers.  Pope Francis, in his recent encyclical, Laudato Si, says in Para. 228:  “Care for nature is part of a lifestyle [which includes the capacity for living together and communion].”

How would you describe your lifestyle?  Do you have a capacity for “living together and communion”?

Ruth Poochigian, O.P.

Madison WI


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