Dominicans and Easter

Dominicans are Easter people.  First of all, we are devoted to newness and open to risk.  Our founder, Saint Dominic, began the Order of Preachers in order to launch new ways of spreading God’s Word.

Secondly, we are women and men of hope.  As our brother, Thomas Aquinas said, “Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not as hand.”  We want to see with eyes of abundance, not scarcity. 

Finally, we are committed to the belief that anything is possible.  When a situation appears without promise, we will look for what could be there.  We will live in the paradoxical.  We will strive to turn our deepest sorrows into a joy that cannot be contained.  We long to share our talking to God and about God.      

So, how about you?  How are you connected to Easter?

Peggy Ryan, OP

Waukegan, IL


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