Cheese Curds and Chapter Days

Earlier this month, Sr. Toni Harris. OP talked about involvement in the democratic election process in our country for the sake of the common good. 

Since she wrote that blog entry, she and I and more than 200 Sisters gathered to exercise our voice and vote at our General Chapter.  Chapters like this one occur every 5 years as we Sisters consider our future, especially the next 5 years.   Then we elect a Prioress and Council to lead us in the direction we said we want to go.

Since we held this Chapter at our motherhouse, we were well cared for, including our snack times.  Since Sinsinawa is in Wisconsin, it was fun to see cheese curds make an appearance one afternoon.  And we had choices of three flavors.

Chapter days were filled with choices, “flavorable” conversations, decisions, directions and then elections.

We asked Sr. Toni Harris, OP to be our Prioress for the next five years.  She said: “yes.”

This summer will be the installation for her and the council members we elected, but I already feel within me the stirrings to get going on the directions we have set for ourselves.

When have you had a “flavorable” experience that made you eager to step out into the future with your “yes?”

Roberta A. Popara, OP

North Palm Beach  FL


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