Reading the Signs When All Seems Lost

Not gifted with a good sense of direction I sure do appreciate signs when I am driving!  Otherwise, I can easily lose my way.  Sometimes I am so deep in my own thoughts that I miss the sign and have to turn back.  Still other times the sign is hidden or obscure.  Many times I either have to swallow my pride and stop to ask for directions or am grateful to have a companion traveller who can guide me along the way.  

It's no different for me in religious life or any other pathway along life's journey.  The signs are not always obvious.  Prayer time is very distracted.  My thoughts are very scattered.  Busyness obscures the signs.  I feel lost.  "Lord what are you asking of me now, in community life? In ministry? In my relationships?"  At times like these, I turn to my companion traveller, someone who can help me to read the signs and discern a path through the maze.  Inevitably I am able to find my way again.  And the journey continues.  

 What do you do when all seems lost? 

Gail Jagroop, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad


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