Thursday, May 19, 2016

Safe Harbor

When I was nine years old, I went to Kathy Fitzgibbon’s house and the two of us went on an adventure-walk to Perry Creek.  It was great fun but in the end we both fell into the shallow waters and were filled with mud.  Kathy’s mother was furious that we had gone to the creek.  I went home terrified that my mother would be equally angry.  Instead, she asked me where I had been; told me to clean up and nothing more was said.   How blessed I was to have a mother that loved me unconditionally and allowed me to learn from my mistakes through the consequences of my decisions.

I have treasured this memory of coming home to a safe harbor and on my spiritual journey, I try to create such a harbor within myself.  A harbor where I learn from my mistakes without judgement and I simply wash away remorse and bask in the loving mercy of my God.  This is true freedom!

Daniel Berrigan who passed away this month wrote:Practically no one has the stomach to love you, if you don't love yourself. They just endure. So do you?”

Margaret McGuirk, OP
Richfield, MN


  1. Lovely story Margaret and one filled with truth. Perhaps another truth is that, as I age, I become less willing to take big risks.

  2. Indeed, learning to embrace our mistakes, or rather opportunities to grow, is learning to love oneself. Sister Margaret, by recounting one of her treasured memories, occasions one to reflect upon the opportunity to trust and embrace one’s experiences, consequently embracing oneself, in order to live each day as a gift filled with love and peace.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and reminding us that love is essential, for it is out of love that parents help their children discern the wrong from the right, between what may bring them harm and what may bring them happiness. May we love ourselves enough to embrace our mistakes and grow, instead of allowing judgment and fear to bind us.

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  4. Thank you for this inspirational reminder to accept our mistakes knowing that our Lord forgives and loves us unconditionally. We need to follow God's lead. I really appreciate this post. Thank you!


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