Dominicans and Sharing Cultures

At a recent parish event, I joined with others in experiencing an evening of Mexican dancing.  It was a magical night, with a cool breeze and the setting sun adding to the delight.  A common parking lot in a broken-down neighborhood was turned into a beautiful and plush theatre.  In these dances, we witnessed the ancient rituals and social traditions of a people put to music and movement. Together, as a group, we were moved to a profound joy.  We crossed boundaries and traversed understanding to experience our common humanity.  We became one.

In any experience of sharing in another culture, Dominicans are called to preach truth.  It is up to us to name the communion we share as God’s family.  The gospel leads us to proclaiming where God is found.  No walls could possibly be built.  No group of people could possibly be asked to “go home.”  We are united and called to be brother or sister to each other.

What cultural experience have you had lately?

Peggy Ryan, OP
Waukegan, IL 


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