I Have Parkinson’s Disease

My sisters and me in our orange walk shirts!!
And it’s something I’m learning to live with!  Exercise is important, so I’m walking nearly every day and on the days it rains I go to the Y and work out on their machines.

I’ve also joined a Boxing class for people with Parkinson’s.  I may not be Muhammed Ali, but I LOVE IT! (And he lived with Parkinson’s for thirty years.) 

And next month I’ll be rowing in an 8-person skull on Lake Mendota with my Boxing buddies.  It’s a program the University of Wisconsin makes available every July, free of charge for people with Parkinson’s.

In April nine Sisters joined me in a Walk-fundraiser for Parkinson’s.  This was so supportive for me.  We joined with many others that day.  We had a great time and raised over $56,000!

This is all new to me, and I’m learning so much.   One thing I’m learning is that many people live with chronic and progressive diseases.   I consider myself lucky because I have a whole community of Sisters who are willing to support me.

What are YOU learning to live with?
Who is supporting you?

Ruth Poochigian, O.P.
Madison WI


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