Nuns on the Bus

How do we mend the gaps and reweave the fabric of our society? That is the question at the center of this summer’s Nuns on the Bus tour/pilgrimage which covered more than 2,400 miles to meet with individuals, families, and communities in 13 states, 23 cities, and both the Republican and Democratic conventions. Being a part of this endeavor has been the most profound experience of my life and I am sad to leave this loving community of sisters.  We grew together as we gathered for prayer each morning and cried listening to the stories of ordinary people who cannot make “ends meet” because of lack of transportation, low wages and no affordable housing. Along with the great suffering and growing inequality in our country, we met people who inspired us with their commitment to peace and justice.  In Terre Haute, a convent has been turned into a homeless shelter for women and local houses have been donated and rehabbed where these women have begun a new life surrounded by supportive structures such as daycare and job training. It is called St. Vincent village and it is but one example of people reaching out to people that we witnessed wherever we journeyed.

Good people are mending the gaps through the works of justice and creating a fabric of love, generosity and kindness.  What gives you hope where you live and work?

Margaret McGuirk
Richfield, MN


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