Dominicans and Summer Flowers

I live in a wonderful neighborhood.  Our convent is on a block full of diverse families.  On any given day, you can walk down the street and listen to Spanish, English, or the beautiful Spanglish of neighbors who have their hearts and souls in two worlds.  Children on bikes, an elderly couple holding hands as they walk to the store, or teens clumped together in a pack all on their phones are common sightings.  However, what really stand out for me at this time of year are the flowers.  Some potted, some lining the sidewalks deeply planted in the earth, and others mixed in with veggies or fruit growing in gardens.  There are dainty roses and bright petunias.  Germaniums, daisies, and peonies.  My favorite is the sweet smelling jasmine. There are amazing lilies reaching for the sky.  As Dominican women, committed to a gospel way of life, I believe it is our call to find beauty and faith.  

The abundance of flowers in my neighborhood speaks to me of resilience and hope.  All who plant these flowers, my sisters and I included, are defying the odds.  We see life as beautiful.  We look toward the heavens and reach for the very best in each situation.  We believe in love and goodness.  How about your neighborhood?  Do you find beauty all around you?

Peggy Ryan, OP
From a southside neighborhood in Waukegan, IL 


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