Stories, Told and Heard

A couple of weeks ago, some of my co-workers and I noticed that we were working with more international clients than usual; clients from different countries, primary languages, cultures and traditions, and professional experiences. As a job counselor, this presents many unique opportunities and challenges. Imagine, also, the hundreds of stories and relationships that ensue.

In addition to native born US citizens (mostly from the north Midwest), I am currently working with clients from Egypt, India, China, Uganda, Somalia, Cameroon, Syria, Mexico and Brazil. In the course of my working relationships, I am gifted with stories about families, dreams and goals, values that influence decisions, present hardships and concerns, and more.

My world view and heart expand every day. The stories I hear bring realities of others into my own. Some days, like this past Friday, I am moved beyond words to tears. Through all of these experiences, I become better at my work and in personal relationships. Every day I am reminded about the power of stories; how they can change us and our capacity to care about each other.

What stories – told and heard – have changed who you are and how you are in the world?

Tanya Williams, OP
St. Louis Park, MN


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