“Repairing the world” – a jigsaw puzzle meditation

My first night at the Sinsinawa Mound as a candidate, Sisters Rose and Yvonne invited me to join them in working a spherical jigsaw puzzle in the community room.  The three of us ordered the pieces and carefully fit them together.

As we worked each evening, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions were on television. We heard many words about American identity, war and peace, justice, and visions of society as it is and ought to be.

As we worked the puzzle and listened to politicians’ speeches, I thought of an idea from the Jewish tradition: tikkun olam, Hebrew for “repairing the world.” In an inter-religious dialogue group, a Jewish friend once explained tikkun olam as works that promote justice and restore broken relationships. Ordering the puzzle pieces, fitting them in and slowly watching the continents and oceans appear felt like a fitting metaphor for what we are called to do as people of faith: to bring unity out of fragmentation.

The Constitutions speak about the centrality of prayer and apostolic ministry – the ways we seek to collaborate with God in “repairing the world” and creating a “holy and just Church and society.”  With patience and in community, we worked together to build the globe.  With patience and in community we strive to mend what is broken in a divided world.

How do you aspire to “repair the world” in your prayer, work, and relationships?

Rhonda Miska
Sinsinawa, WI


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