Thanks To Tanya For Writing About Stories

Many stories are shared in the small community in which I live. Two sisters and one associate moved to a modest house on Madison’s near east side one year ago.  We had lived in a very large parish convent, where we often welcomed guests to share meals, meetings and/or overnight accommodations and, of course, stories.

It may seem sad to give up a place that was a great place for Dominican life.

But what blessings and what stories guests have shared in this smaller space. This morning began as usual with our 7 a.m. prayer that we share by phone with a sister in Maryland and an associate in Barneveld WI.  We begin by sharing the Gospel story for the week.  This time it was about what is required to be a disciple of Jesus.  We talked about the challenge of continuing to discern anew what it means to share the Gospel of Jesus with others.

As two members were sent off to their day jobs.  A person came to the front porch to return keys and share about the meeting of the previous night.

There will be more stories to share as each returns and others come by.  So how will I share the story of following Jesus today?  How about you?   Are you discerning discipleship with Jesus?  Might you find a community with us?

Joan Duerst, OP
Madison, WI


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