New Beginnings

“Do you have to cut off all your hair?”
“Can we still hang out?”
“Will you be able to go visit your parents?”
“Can you keep your Facebook profile?”
“Will you be allowed to host parties?”

These are some of the questions I have been asked since I announced my decision to begin candidacy with the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters.  For the record – no, I don’t have to cut off all my hair, and yes to the other questions listed above!  As apostolic women religious we don’t seek to leave the world but to be salt and light in it. 

Entering religious life is a significant step which shifts my priorities, but it does not mean leaving behind who I am or leaving behind people I value.  My relationship with God (nourished through communal and personal prayer) and my relationship with my sisters in community are of vital and fundamental importance.  

Yet my relationships with family, friends, and colleagues outside the congregation remain strong.  A joy in my candidacy so far has been introducing Dominican sisters to my friends and family and watching these circles blend. 

What are your circles of community and belonging?  How do these relationships enrich you in your walk with God? 

Rhonda Miska 
Sinsinawa, WI


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