Setting Out Anew Together – Our History

I, along with several other sisters, have been invited to participate in a Study Circle with the newest member of the Congregation.  The next topic for our study is the history of the Congregation.  Study materials for each of our topics have been skillfully prepared by the Relationship for Mission team.  In addition to the prepared materials, the facilitator of the history session suggested each person in the group learn about the experiences of two sisters in the Congregation from their historical points of view – one sister currently alive within the Congregation and one sister who has passed to eternal life. 

During my study of the materials providing a “high-level” overview of the history of the Congregation, I could perceive that throughout the nearly 170 years of the Congregation’s history, the sisters have always “set out anew together” responding to the needs of those to be served in each particular time in history.  I again saw this when I studied the materials provided by the Archives about one of our sisters who is now in eternal life.  Her life most certainly was reflective of the culture of the world, society, and church of her time.  Not only did her ministry change as the needs of society changed, but she also set out anew in each phase of her life.

I am looking forward to having a conversation with a sister who was one of the first missionaries to Bolivia.  Talk about setting out anew together!

How have you responded to the changing needs in your environment? 
Who helped you set out anew?

Are you called to set out anew together with us?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, IL


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