How am I aligned-- with people? With Universe? With God?

Those questions have come since I fell flat on my face the other day.  I was walking with two friends and a dog. One said, “please hold the leash for a minute. . ..”  So, while watching the dog I missed an inch difference in the sidewalk pieces.   My shoe caught the difference, and splat! I was face down in front of God and everyone. As I picked myself up and shook myself off, I remembered that some time ago I had gone to a chiropractor.  Realignment of body is supposed to cure many bodily ills.  I thought it a good time to check my alignment.  I’ve been getting realigned for a couple of weeks now. I am feeling stronger and healthier.

So how do I realign with people, Universe and God?

You will tell me through prayer, meditation and Gospel.

Yes. I need to remember to realign daily.

Some of us met with an historian of religious life a couple of weeks ago.  We remembered amazing history! But then we agreed what brought us to religious life in the first place was prayer. 

Let’s check our alignments.  Where is the Spirit of God directing us next?

Joan Duerst OP
Madison Wisconsin


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