Good morning, America...

“Doubt is not the opposite of Faith; Certainty is the opposite of Faith.”  This is one of my favorite axioms and it’s never felt as true as it does this morning.  Like so many other people I fully expected that Clinton would be elected president last night.  I was not enthusiastic about it—she was not my first choice for multiple reasons—but I recognized that it’s the way things needed to be.  Because of her election I anticipated another, protracted wave of division, violence and ugliness in our country—also part of the inevitable outcome of where we’ve found ourselves as a nation.  These were certainties in my mind that I begrudgingly came to accept.

This morning I find myself humbled and mystified by the outcome—what was unfathomable to me yesterday is the reality today.  Today I will push aside the feelings of dread, cynicism and fear that are creeping into my mind and I will focus on accepting and embracing my meekness.  God works in mysterious ways—how am I to know that President Trump won’t ultimately be the one to deliver us?  Perhaps this is our collective dark night of the soul—America hits rock-bottom—or maybe this is the death that will lead to new life. As we step onto an unpredictable and potentially dark path I will bring my faith that divine providence has made it so and that the reason will unfold in God’s time.

Quincy Howard
Denver, CO


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