Advent Ponderings

Driving to work the first Monday in Advent, I was pondering what it really means and for whom we are waiting when I noticed the ‘hippie’ car ahead of me.  Its back window was plastered with peace symbols and colorful psychedelic flowers but it was the lone rear bumper sticker that caught my eye, which read:

                                                Don’t Postpone Joy

Advent is a time of re-centering, of quiet, and of waiting – waiting for the Christ child.  But might it also be a time of action?  Of sitting up and taking notice of life around us?  Of paying attention and responding to the needs of others, to the needs of planet Earth?  Of speaking up for the most vulnerable among us? At the same time, might Advent also be a time to breathe deeply of the beauty of Creation and to delight in it?

If Christ really is in each of us, as we profess, then what are we waiting for?  What might we be postponing?

May this time of quiet and waiting also be one that draws us deeply into the present.

Advent blessings!

Kathy Flynn, OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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