Breaking out into the light

Holidays can be difficult for many people because of recent or past experiences of grief and loss -- experiences such as the death of a parent or sibling, job loss, loss of a home due to reduced or no income, health challenges and the fragility that comes with aging. Losses can also be anticipated ones that come with a serious diagnosis of a special someone.

I know a lot of people who are experiencing some of those emotional challenges during this Christmas holiday season. And I know many survivors of loss who share their personal stories of breaking out into the light. Seems to me that each of them is experiencing her/his own Christmas story, as they continue to discover gifts and all that is waiting for them.

In the mystery of all of our sacred stories, the light somehow breaks through. And somehow, with God’s grace and help from others, we can break out into the light. I have many Christmas (and other holiday) stories about light breaking in and me breaking out into the light.

What about you? What light is breaking out from within you?

Tanya Williams
St. Louis Park, MN


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