As Dominicans, we talk a lot about connections and relationships; and connecting is so much a part of us that most of the time, we don’t even think about it.  Recently, someone asked me what I’ve been doing lately; and I realized how much of my time had been spent connecting with others.  I respond to a lot of emails. I regularly forward useful information or contacts to former colleagues and students.  I check in on Facebook every so often.  I share daily meals, prayers, and conversations with the Sisters with whom I live.  I send a lot of notes, letters, get-well, sympathy, and birthday cards.  I’m often on the phone as well.

None of that is surprising since relationships matter to Dominicans. Maintaining connections is part of what we are. But this also made me think: as my wise sister-in-law used to tell her growing children, prayer is an on-going conversation.   She’d tell them that they had to keep that connection fresh for the unexpected moment when they absolutely needed it.  I ask myself, as you might too, am I as diligent in nurturing my connection with God as I am with other creatures? 

Winifred Morgan, OP
Madison, WI


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