What difference does it make?

What difference does it make? How many times have we heard that question?  Do I admit that I think it at times even if I don't say it?

These days of Advent - with the O Antiphons - are a kind of novena - a final preparation for the coming of Christ among us.  But wait - he came 2000 years ago - you might be thinking.  Yet for me every Advent is a preparation for Christ's presence in me and in the world.

What difference could these closing Advent days be for you and for me?  What yet do we need to ask of the Christ child - Emmanuel - God with us?  What might we do on Christ's behalf?

We need to cast away the question I used to start this blog.  The real and true and holy declaration may be (and read the first words carefully):  What a difference it makes because I know Christ is in everyone - because there is a need in the world for mercy - because God has been compassionate to me.

Contemplating this declaration moves us to this question: Because of what I have learned in this Advent Season, how will I live my life of faith in 2017?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach   FL 


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