2017, Rocking the World’s Foundation

Grace Roidt, associate, who lives with us in Madison especially wanted to see Mavis Staples on the Kennedy Honors. Then our friend rang the doorbell, and we missed the portion of the show with Mavis.  So today we researched Mavis Staples on line.  We found her singing “Wholy, Holy” on a UTube,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfRw_WdWazU

Besides the energy that Mavis brings to this song, written by Marvin Gaye, the words speak to my thoughts and mood these days between 2016 and 2017. Many ask, What stands out about 2016? What calls us in 2017?

2016 often found people divided, but the song and many leaders said,

We all gotta come together
'Cause we need the strength, power.

In April 2016 at chapter (our highest governing body) Sinsinawa Dominicans realized “God’s mission is our mission” It’s like the song says,

We should believe in one another (Believe in Jesus).
We can conquer hate forever.

In April, much like the song, we proclaimed our vision for 2017 and beyond, “We hear the cries for mercy and compassion moving us to a radical gospel response of unconditional love.”

We can rock the world's foundation
We'll holler love, love, love across the nation
We proclaim love, our salvation.

I pray for all of us for 2017 to come together, to think of the needs of immigrants, to confront the evil of racism and to care for Earth our common home.

What calls you to 2017?

Joan Duerst OP
Madison WI


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