Ok, I am dating myself.  The song, Anticipation, came to mind as I considered this blog entry.  Written in 1971 by the singer, Carly Simon, the first words are: “We can never know about the days to come But we think about them anyway, yay”

I am writing this long before it is due because I will be traveling.  And I am having lots to anticipate because I am one of two Sisters from Sinsinawa attending the closing events for 800th Jubilee Year for the Order of Preachers in Rome.

But from the place in time that I am writing, I am trying to temper my anticipation and expectations to be open to each unfolding moment of this global gathering of Dominicans - women and men.

While Carly’s song is a love song and speaks of a particular relationship, for me in this moment, I am filled with humility and awe as hundreds of Dominicans from around the world gather and be in relationship with each other.

This blog will be posted just as I return and in the future I will share some of the experience with you here.

What happens to you when something wonderful is on the horizon?  How do you temper your anticipation so that you can be in the unfolding experience of the event?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach FL (and Rome)


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