Hanging With God

I haven’t felt like writing these past days.  Like many others, my heart has been sick and saturated with the pain we seem so easily able to inflict on one another.  Polarity reigns, fed from our sense of right pitted against your equally adamant one.  As we each stand up and speak out, I wonder how it is that we can look at and listen to the same things, but see and hear them so differently? 

In the midst of all of this turmoil, I am grateful for the sunrise, for the heaving of the Earth as she slowly slips off her frozen blanket and prepares, once again, to rise.  I am grateful for the wonder of the stars and the moon and for delicate fingers of frost, for bird songs.  I am grateful for smiles and kindness and forgiveness and compassion. 

As St. Augustine said, “My heart is restless, O Lord, until it rests in you.”  And so, I am most grateful for the chance to hold all of this while hanging with God, who is Constancy and Love, with the Holy who is always…always…hanging with us.  Will you join me?

Kathy Flynn, OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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