Saturday, February 4, 2017

P.S. Living life with Passion

Recently 5 of my sisters made a you tube video entitled “Living a life with Passion.” They are relatively new to Dominican life, not to life itself. They are filled with energy, love, commitment and joy. They are following their hearts.

I am nearing my golden jubilee. I was a teacher, administrator a hospital and a hospice chaplain. I loved each of these ministries and gave them my all. Three years ago, I retired due to illness. Since then I have had to live in an unknown space, one that I often listened to others talk about. I had to remember my words, tell them to myself and live into a new form of Dominican life.

As this unfolds challenges abound. I am a woman living on oxygen 24 hours a day. I have slowed down but have not stopped. I have rediscovered the still small voice within me. She tells me to breathe, to write, to pray, to listen as others share theirs and prayer with me. She tells me to keep going and not to give up. She says that slowing down and not being in active ministry is good and is enough! Prayer and reading lead to reflection, conversation and peace.

Passion for life has not stopped. It has evolved. We are enough if our lives are centered on God. We are enough if listen to that still small voice within. We are enough if we can make this world a better place by offering ourselves to it.

Thank God for Sinsinawa Dominican life. Thank you Kathy, Nicole, Quincy, Christin and Rhonda for your call to reflection!

Kathy Brady OP
Milwaukee, WI

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  1. Thank you Sister Kathy for sharing the evolving journey of your illness.
    One year ago, I was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease the result of systemic
    rheumatoid arthritis. I recently completed a Pulmonary Rehab Program in which
    eight other people participated. I was the only one of the attendees not on oxygen. People hopped on treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines
    as if the oxygen tanks, hoses and lines were minor infringements, secondary details. I was humbled by their courage and grit (and yours too!) to keep walking forward. They made me breathe easier!


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