I’ve got your back

Last week at the end of a particularly busy day, I remembered a task I still had to do.  Realizing it would take half the time to accomplish with someone else helping, I asked another sister from my house to join me.  “Of course!  I’ve got your back.”

Just a few days later I left town but had some seeds germinating that needed to be watched closely.  A few sisters volunteered to keep an eye on them.  Not wanting to burden them, I tried my best to make sure everything was in place, but inevitably a problem arose with the lights.  One of the sisters took care of it and has been keeping me informed via texts: “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!  You just enjoy your time away.”

For me, like for many others, it isn’t always easy to take the vulnerable step and ask for help.  But whether or not I ask for it, my sisters show their love and support for me through their daily actions.  In big and little ways, they prove that they have my back- and they witness the love of a God who always has my back.

Who’s got your back and how do you know?  How do you show this to others?

Christin Tomy, OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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