“What makes for a good meeting?”

Today I went to a really good meeting.  What, you might ask, is “a really good meeting?”  The materials were well prepared!  Not only that, but the leaders had done a very good job preparing others to take a role in leading various parts of the meeting and everyone’s voice was heard.   Best of all, we got out EARLY!!!

EACH of these things contributed to a very good day!   So, why doesn’t every meeting go this well?   Sometimes we have to listen to one voice, droning on and on, as though no one else in the room has anything to contribute.   As a former teacher, I know that time goes faster (for both leader and participants) when all are invited to take part in the process. 

I wasn’t looking forward to spending my Saturday this way.   But we needed it done, and in my way of thinking it was time well spent!

I left the meeting wondering why it was so good.  First of all, the preparation was done ahead of time.  The task was clear and all were invited to share their opinions.

When have you been to a meeting that worked?
What made it a good meeting for you?

Ruth Poochigian, O.P.
Madison  WI


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