Dominican Life and Culture

Being a Dominican means being open.  I find this openness a great gift.  Being a guest and witnessing another culture’s traditions widens my tent poles and calls me to new truths.  What a privilege.  When I fail to be open to a new idea or another’s way of life, I feel it.  I have to admit that I sense my judgmental nature.      

Recently, I attended a dance recital by a Mexican Folkloric Dance Troupe.  It was spectacular - full of color and music and joy.  I was aware of experiencing something ancient and deeply rooted in a people’s love for God, for nature, and for each other.      

Jesus walked with openness to others everywhere he went.  He taught us how.  Our Dominican lifestyle offers our world this reflection of his compassion and mercy.  Each of us has the opportunity of being the healing presence our Earth so badly needs right now.

How about you, have you participated in any cultural exchanges lately?    

Peggy Ryan, OP
Waukegan, IL        


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