God and the Whale

At a recent regional meeting in Montana with our sisters and associates we were asked during prayer to picture a scene from nature that spoke to us. Living in Alaska my picture included snow-capped mountains, wild flowers, warbling birds and the ocean with its whales.

I thought especially of the whales breaching, their huge majestic bodies coming straight up from the water. I thought of them bubble feeding, when they gather in a circle, rise up from the water and open their mouths to feed on the krill that come to the surface. These are awesome sights, but I see them very rarely--they are a special gift. Most of the time I know the whales are in the sea, but I don't see any sign of them. Once in a while I might see a spout of water which signifies their presence or a fin rising from the water. This is a good way for me to think of God's presence in my life. 

Like the whales God is always present, is always there, but I only get a glimpse now and then, perhaps in a sacred moment when I visit a homebound couple who are joy-filled in spite of great difficulties. Or maybe I get a glimpse when we share profound insights at our regional meetings. And in one of those rare moments I might have a peak experience, an experience that leaves no doubt of God's awesome presence. This is pure gift!

How are you aware of God's presence in your life? What would be in your scene from nature?

Marie Lucek, OP
Juneau, AK


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