Home Alone

As a Dominican I am growing in awareness that I am called to witness to a community of faith and love.  This week I was home alone.  One member of our household was at the White Privilege Conference in Kansas City and another was the dog sitter a few miles away at our friend's house.   In a way it was nice to leave dirty dishes in the sink, have TV on or off completely at my own choice and eat whenever I felt like it.  We did pray together and for one another by phone at 7 am each day.   There will be joy when we are all together once again.  We will listen to each other’s adventures and rejoice in what each of us learned while away.

Jesus calls us to love one another and to even wash each other’s feet when needed.  We believe He is risen, indeed, and has sent God’s spirit to walk with us in the way of faith and love.

What a blessing it is to witness to the world by being community of faith and love.

How can we grow in awareness that faith calls each to communities of faith and love?

Joan Duerst, OP
Madison, WI


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