Snapshot of a Future Memory

I visited my favorite park for the last time today—squeezing in one more walk in the drizzle this morning, before the next downpour.  Rarely have I experienced a rainy and overcast Colorado, but it's springtime. 
Entering the park, I’m always struck first by the Tower of Memories—the mausoleum at the neighboring cemetery.  From anywhere in the park it looms in the backdrop—the imposing art deco design often partially obscured.  How portentous it seems today: soon my entire Denver experience will become memory. 

The Front Range mountains frame the backdrop on the opposite side of the park.  Red winged blackbirds sing their aggressive tunes as they hover around nests hidden along the banks of the lake.  With the soft wind supporting their wings they look almost suspended from above, swinging over the cattails.  They will also be greeting me when I return to Wisconsin next week.

There is also the wetland wildlife sanctuary, it was closed for the season about a month ago.  I saw it holding water for the first-time last December, that’s when the fowl started arriving in droves.  The runoff from the mountains has continued collecting there and now the ducks, geese, egrets and who-knows-what-all are enjoying the space for nesting.  They are relatively undisturbed except for the constant hum of traffic passing along the two major arterials that border the park.

Many good moments were spent here.

Quincy Howard
Denver, CO


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