The Caboose

Yesterday as I was on my way to Dubuque, I was aware of a train on the track that ran parallel with the highway.  At the end of the train was another engine.  How odd I thought remembering the trains from my youth.  I grew up in a small town having multiple train tracks and trains traversing the town many times during the day.  Our home was situated a block away from intersecting tracks.  Needless to say, we were often stopped on our way to or from somewhere by a train.  We looked for the caboose because that marked the end of the train.  

Eventually, train cars were redesigned and cabooses were no longer needed on the trains; and I missed them.  Cabooses had 2 jobs -- to mark the end of the train and more importantly, to provide stability for the train – keep it on the tracks.

I began musing about the connection between cabooses and an upcoming gathering we call Community Days. Community Days has several purposes, including giving us the opportunity to:
·      Reconnect with one another and deepen our relationships
·      Engage in conversations regarding planning for the future of our Congregation

During these meeting days, we’ll contemplate and grapple with many questions regarding how we will live into the continuing days of the Congregation, what our needs are or will be, and where God is leading us for future ministry.  I wondered what is the caboose – the stabilizing force that will keep us on track as we plan for the future?

What has been the “caboose” in your life experiences?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, IL


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