Gathering at Mound

Last week we gathered at the Mound. For me, it is going home. At first it seems it will be overwhelming seeing 200 good friends all at once.  Spending time thinking and praying together about future directions. Discerning together where God is calling us now.

“So who is making you go?”  My friend asked.  ‘“ I am going because it is my place of belonging, my family. It is a responsibility that I promised long ago.  I vowed that I would listen to God through this community of sisters.”

Through our time of gathering we sang together, prayed together, listened together. 

We were blessed by sharing our longings and our concerns.

We were blessed by being present together when one of our wise sisters came to speak to all of us.  She told us to remember to love beauty and to always preach the Gospel.  She went to be seated, and then died of a heart attack in the presence of all of us.

The next day we celebrated with two new sisters who made profession of vows for the first time.  They promised obedience to God and to us as I had long ago.

Then just as long ago, we were all sent out to participate in God’s mission. 

Have you been to the Mound?  Have you experienced the holiness of that place?  Have you had time to listen for God’s voice sending you out to share God’s goodness with others? I invite you to come.

Joan Duerst, OP
Madison, WI


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