Ordinary Time

I’m not referring to the weeks in the year when Sundays in the Church year are counted by the ordinal numbers 1 through 32, but I’m speaking of those times to be expected in the normal course of living.  In our world at Sinsinawa Mound, 2017 Summer Jubilee celebrations are history, and 2017 Community Days are past.  Now during our everyday days, all of us live into the experiences we had during those stirring, inspiring, and uplifting events of the summer doing what we usually do on an everyday basis.

In the midst of those ordinary days, I’ve found highlights animating, heartening, and supporting me.  Several of my sisters came for a visit this past weekend, and we enjoyed each other’s company in the midst of ordinary events.  We really didn’t have any great plans; mostly we sat around the dining room table playing games, telling stories, and laughing a lot in the midst of sharing meals and snacks. 

When I came into work this morning, someone greeted me with “thank you” gifts and wonderfully reassuring notes for me and others in the office.  What another bright spot in the midst of our ordinary days!

How have you been encouraged, inspired, cheered, reassured, emboldened in the midst of your ordinary days?

Are you being called to experience “ordinary time” among us?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, IL


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