A Community of Two Downsizes

My living area is so quiet and seems so empty. A Sister of Charity, with whom I have shared community for seven years, has moved back to the city where her motherhouse is, Cincinnati. At first I was looking forward to how I could spread out and have the whole floor to myself. I wouldn't have to worry about her moving my things or being annoyed when I could hear her phone conversations.

As the day of departure drew closer I began to focus on what I would miss. Dee and I prayed together each weekday morning, a time we both treasured. When we had a disagreement I always knew we would resolve it because we both worked on being forgiving persons. Besides, Dee never held a grudge. She did many thoughtful things around the house, such as baking breads and cookies, buying treats she knew I liked, and taking care of minor repairs.  She truly embodies the spirit of her congregation--charity. She has a very compassionate heart, and she not only prayed for those who were in special need but also took action to help them connect to resources. I admired her for going a step beyond prayer, a step which is often time-consuming and not always rewarding. God's presence shines through her being--she is a holy person and I will miss her.

Is God's presence evident in anyone you know? How do they show this?

Marie Lucek, OP
Juneau, AK


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