God's First Language is Silence 

"How do I know that it's God speaking and not just me?"  "I find it so difficult to hear God speaking.  I am so distracted!"  "I am so busy, I can't find the time to pray."  These and similar thoughts I would get from women who come to me for spiritual direction.  

St John of the Cross says: "God's first language is silence."  Any place can be a chapel - a garden, a church, a forest, along a river - as long as we invite God in.  When we quiet ourselves we create a space to hear God speak and speak God will, using any and all means - a homily, creation, a song, a friend, whatever.   Then peace will flow like a river into our souls.

Speech is of time.  Silence is of eternity.  Thomas Carlyle

Take some time to practice silence today.  

Gail Jagroop OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad


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