I love Celebrations!!  Who doesn’t?  Last week was a week of celebrations.  My sisters and I gathered at my youngest sister’s (Janet) home.  It was Sister’s Week, a yearly event during which the five of us celebrate being sister to one another.  While there, we hosted a baby shower for Janet’s daughter-in-law and newest grandchild, a little boy much anticipated and longed for after Ami’s 3 miscarriages.  The new baby has an older brother who is 16.  What a change and celebration for that family!

We also celebrated Janet’s birthday by participating in a murder mystery train ride.  Between courses of a five-course dinner, actors did scenes from a murder mystery play in each of the dining cars.  It was up to the train riders to guess the murderer and the motive.  We shared in the meal, delightful conversation, and of course, speculations regarding “who done it.”  None of us made the correct deduction, but we celebrated well.

On the last day of our gathering, we received a text announcing the birth of another new baby in the family.  Our niece Stacia delivered a beautiful baby girl.  Mom, dad, baby, and grandparents are all doing well.  Big smiles!  Another event to celebrate. 

When I arrived home, our Congregation celebrated the birthday our founder, Fr. Samuel Mazzuchelli OP, by enjoying Isthmus Brass Concert in his honor.  Father Samuel would have loved it!   

 What was the last celebration giving you joy and deepening your sense of community?
Are you called to celebrate with us?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, IL


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