This Week We Call Holy

As a kid, I loved spring vacation or Easter break as we called it then, but I also remember whining to my wonderful mother that “all we ever do is go to church!”  I didn’t get it then; I hope I get it now.  I hope I get how truly holy this week is – that, as a wise woman said, --  “… is NOT business as usual.”  This week is so special, this week plunges us so deeply into mystery, it can only be called “holy.”  This week has to be experienced, I believe, the way we experience a poem or a painting or dance….it touches us in the deepest parts of soul, of experience, of memory, of emotion –no words, only symbols can speak its truth.  Thursday night’s washing of feet, breaking of bread and drinking the wine, Friday’s cross with blood and water pouring out, Saturday’s new fire and new water all flow seamlessly from one into another until they unite in the image of a rolled stone and an empty tomb.  Just be with these images, sounds, light and darkness, music and silence.  May they soak into your soul and bring you renewed life!

Priscilla Wood, OP
Dubuque, IA


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